Top 10 Destinations to Treat Mom to this Mother’s Day

It’s almost Mother’s Day and if you haven’t figured out what to get your mom yet, you’re not alone. But don’t worry, Park and Preston Travel has got your back with a list of the top 10 destinations to treat your mom to a luxurious and unforgettable Mother’s Day getaway.


Santorini, Greece is at the top of our list, and let me tell you, it’s like stepping into a movie scene. From the stunning views of the Aegean Sea to the charming villages and mouth-watering Mediterranean cuisine, this destination has it all. And what better way to show your love for Mom than with a glass of wine while watching the sunset? It’s the perfect way to say “thank you” for all that she’s done.



If your mom’s idea of heaven is sunshine, sand, and sea, then Maui, Hawaii is where it’s at. From the pristine beaches to the luxurious spas and epic hiking trails, there’s no shortage of ways to unwind and soak up the island vibes. And if you’re feeling brave (or just need to impress your mom), you can even go on a whale watching tour or try your hand at surfing. Just be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen and a sense of adventure.


Listen, if your mom is the kind of woman who would rather jump out of a plane than sit still, then Banff, Canada is the place for her. With stunning lakes so clear you’ll think you’ve entered a dream, majestic mountains with snow-capped peaks, and more outdoor activities than you can shake a stick at, Banff is an adventurer’s paradise. Just make sure to hold on tight because your mom might be the type to say “I’m going skydiving!” on a whim. Hey, you only live once, right?


Okay, hold on to your berets, folks, because our next Mother’s Day destination is none other than the City of Love itself – Paris, France. Imagine savoring mouth-watering French cuisine, strolling along the Seine, and admiring some of the world’s most beautiful architecture. And let’s not forget about the art – with countless museums and galleries, you and your mom will feel like true connoisseurs of the cultural scene. Oh, and did we mention the Eiffel Tower? Snap a photo in front of that iconic landmark and you’ll have all your friends back home green with envy.


Oh my goodness, if your mom loves history, Cape Town, South Africa is the place to be. It’s got everything – culture, natural beauty, and enough history to make your head spin. Take her to the Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden for a relaxing afternoon surrounded by stunning scenery, or get your heart pumping by taking a cable car up to Table Mountain. Trust me, the views from up there will take your breath away.


Is your mom into all things spiritual? Then Bali, Indonesia is calling your names. This magical destination offers a perfect mix of serene retreats, traditional Balinese spa treatments, and breathtaking beaches. Trust us, you’ll both be feeling like enlightened goddesses in no time. Who knows, you might even discover your spirit animals while you’re there. Just remember to pack your yoga pants and open hearts.


If your mom loves a good glass of vino, then Napa Valley, California is the place for you. With its farm-to-table cuisine and world-renowned wineries, you and your mom are in for a treat. And let’s not forget about the breathtaking scenery. Seriously, the views are out of this world. Plus, if you’re feeling extra adventurous, you could even try a mud bath or a hot air balloon ride. I mean, why not? YOLO, am I right?


I’ve got the perfect destination for the mystical mom in your life. It’s none other than Sedona, Arizona, where the red rock formations are so stunning they’ll take your breath away. And let’s not forget about the crystal shops, energy vortexes, and opportunities for healing and spiritual exploration. Your mom will be feeling so rejuvenated, she might just turn into a unicorn or something (okay, maybe not, but you get the idea).


Have you considered Kyoto, Japan for your Mother’s Day trip? It’s the perfect mix of traditional temples, beautiful gardens, mouthwatering cuisine, and of course, cherry blossoms (if you hit the timing just right). And if you’re feeling brave, why not try karaoke together? Just a warning, you might end up with a serious case of the giggles. But hey, that’s what memories are made of, right?


Alright, alright, hear me out. For the thrill-seeking mom, Queenstown, New Zealand is the perfect destination. With its breathtaking scenery and heart-pumping adventure activities like bungee jumping and skydiving, you’ll both be feeling alive in no time. Who says you can’t give your mom a little heart attack on Mother’s Day, am I right? Okay, maybe that’s a little too much, but you get the idea.


So there you have it, y’all – our top 10 destinations to treat your mom to a luxurious Mother’s Day getaway. And if you’re feeling overwhelmed or not sure where to start, don’t worry – we’ve got your back. As travel experts, we can help you plan the perfect getaway for your mom, tailored to her interests and preferences. We know that planning a trip can be stressful, but we’re here to make it easy and fun.

So don’t wait any longer to book your Mother’s Day trip. Contact us at Park and Preston Travel and let us help you create the ultimate Mother’s Day experience for your mom. She deserves it, and you deserve the peace of mind knowing that everything is taken care of. Plus, you’ll be the favorite child (at least for a little while).