Three Apps to Make the Airport a Little Less Annoying

I can’t think of one single person who enjoys airports. Well, that’s not true, I actually really like airports (best. people. watching. ever!) … but getting IN or OUT of them is another story. Since getting TSA PreCheck or Global Entry has been on my to-do list for a few years now… and I still don’t really want to spend the money… I am all about these apps to help make the airport just a little less of a beating.

1) MyTSA

So, did you know that the Transportation Security Administration has an app? And they actually want to help you? They do! MyTSA has some historical data on how busy certain areas are at any time of day. If you are so lucky to have TSA PreCheck – the app will help you find the right checkpoints.

2) Mobile Passport Control

This app is brought to you by U.S> Customs and Border Protection. You can create a profile and add family members… submit customs declaration forms, and head straight for the designated Mobile Passport line! Most major airports have a Mobile Passport line, but not Las Vegas, Charlotte, Detroit or Philadelphia.

3) MiFlight

So how much do you love Waze? Same idea. This app uses information from other passengers standing in line to help figure out what the heck is going on at the airport! Sometimes, it will even tell you that walking to the other end of the terminal could be faster. But be sure to pay it forward – share your time once you make it through security!

So, what do you think? Will you download these apps for your next trip? Are there any apps you love to use at the airport that you would add to this list?

As always – if you’ve been thinking about going somewhere, we’d love to help. Just answer a few questions here and we’ll help get you on your way!