How to Celebrate Your runDisney Race

I’ve talked a lot about dining on Disney property. Disney has some of my favorite restaurants, ever! However, it’s easy thinking of how to prepare… but a little harder coming up with a creative way to celebrate your accomplishment!

There are so many options… what should you choose?

I’ve created this little guide to help you come up with the perfect way to celebrate your race!

runDisney Celebration: Theme the Meal to the Race

I couldn’t pull off a reservation after the full, so I decided to celebrate the night before the full with Dopey!

This is probably my favorite, so I’m putting it first. This could be a little bit tricky to plan in advance, especially when we don’t get a preview of the race theme. I like to try to eat at a restaurant that features the character on my medal!

Wine & Dine is the most fun to do this with because the characters change so regularly. Lumiere’s Two Course Challenge obviously needed to be celebrated at Be Our Guest. 2019’s Three Caballeros medal definitely needs to be celebrated in the Mexico Pavillion… you’ve got two choices: San Angel Inn Restaurante or La Hacienda de San Angel (I’m partial to San Angel because you can finish dinner and go hop on the ride immediately… but La Hacienda has the potential for firework views soooo…)

Running the Dopey Challenge? Book a dinner on Sunday night at Wilderness Lodge – Storybook Dining at Artist Point is not only a fantastic meal, but Dopey himself will make an appearance!! Chef Mickey’s is also another solid choice – you’ll get to celebrate a few of the other folks featured on your medals… Goofy, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Pluto!

Running one – or all – of the races during Princess weekend?? We’ve got options. Cinderella’s Royal TableAkershus Royal Banquet HallBe Our Guest1900 Park Fare… and if you want to wait until breakfast the next morning I cannot recommend Trattoria al Forno highly enough! I will say that if you have a specific Princess in mind, do a little research before booking just to be sure. Characters can always change, but I know a lot of people have eaten at Be Our Guest and have been disappointed Belle wasn’t there!

Star Wars is just a little bit trickier… but it can still be done! You can make a reservation at Oga’s Cantina (if you’re not into food and just want to booze it up), and then grab a quick bite at Docking Bay 7. If you want to just stick with the “Space” theme then snag yourself a reservation at Space 220 – the new restaurant opening this winter in Epcot!

runDisney Celebration: The Fanciest Restaurants

The other option you have to celebrate your finish… splurge!!

California Grill is one of my favorites, and the location screams celebration. It’s set at the top of the Contemporary Resort – and the perfect spot for firework viewing. I have had so much fun celebrating all sorts of things up there… pro tip: if you want to catch the fireworks, book a late reservation! They will dim the lights and pipe in the music… or you can go stand outside on the balcony. It’s really, really fun… and the food is really, really good!!

Here’s our view from California Grill – we opted for an early dinner so didn’t get the fireworks, but check out that view!

Victoria & Albert’s Dinner Queen Victoria Room… so, Victoria & Albert’s on its own is a big deal. But when you really want to celebrate… book a dinner in the Queen Victoria Room!

Indulge your palate with course after course of exquisite culinary delights—curated by our chef de cuisine. These inspired offerings are crafted from the freshest seasonal ingredients and artfully prepared using innovative techniques, ensuring an unforgettable evening of dining.

A few other favorites of mine you could consider… a fancy French dinner at Monsieur Paul, grab an incredible steak at Yachtsman Steakhouse or Le Cellier, or try something completely new and head over to Jiko – The Cooking Place (one of my favorite meals EVER!)

runDisney Celebration: Treat Yo Self!!

I mean, if there was ever a better time to treat yourself to one of the incredible dining experiences at Walt Disney World – it’s after completing your runDisney race! Also, it’s important for me that YOU know … your celebration for your first 3.1 is just as freaking exciting as your seventh 46.2.

You got out there. You ran. You rock.

ANYWAYS… there are a few Dining Experiences at Walt Disney World that are just amazing… and would be the perfect celebration for your race!!

The first idea I have for this is one of the cooler experiences on property – Highway in the Sky Dine Around. It’s something people have been doing for a while – and now Disney has cornered the market. For $170 you can do the Monorail Resort Crawl… starting at The Wave of American Flavors, jumping over to Polynesian and finishing the night at Grand Floridian. This is a must-do for me one day!

Next up is the big kahuna… Victoria & Albert’s Chef’s Table Dinner – I’m saving this celebration for something. I’ll tell you what it is when it happens, but guys this is a bucket list meal for me!

Gather at the exclusive table located in the heart of Victoria & Albert’s kitchen—interacting with our staff as they prepare an extraordinary culinary experience just for you. Inspired by the season, each unique menu features ingredients culled fresh daily from the world market. Throughout the approximately 3-hour service, the chef offers up superb morsels and tasting samples, tailoring the mouth-watering feast to your party’s dietary preferences. And when you choose the optional wine pairing, our sommelier selects the ideal vintage to enjoy with each portion of your meal.

This is the Chef’s Table. It is also not my picture because I am not cool enough to have had this experience… yet… but OMG guys LOOK AT THIS.

This meal will accommodate from 2-8 guests and you better be READY to make that reservation at 180 days because they go FAST. Although subject to change, the Prix Fixe begins at $250.00 per guest, and wine pairing begins at $150.00 per guest.

Now, another SOLID option is the Signature Celebration Package at Cinderella’s Royal Table. I mean, it literally says “celebration” in the title!

Beginning this August, royal fans of all ages are invited to the first-ever Signature Celebration Package at Cinderella’s Royal Table, a premium event comprised of 3 unique experiences—Character Dining inside Cinderella Castle, priority fireworks viewing and a delightful dessert party—in addition to several sensational surprises. It’s an extraordinary finale to your Magic Kingdom park visit and a great way to commemorate birthdays, anniversaries or special occasions too!

And you know it… all magic comes with a price… you’re looking at $200 per adult, $170 per child… plus tax and gratuities. But honestly, WORTH IT! Especially if you’re celebrating a big race during Princess Weekend!

runDisney Celebration: Party, Party Party!

So, I’ve only done this ONCE and it was 100 years ago and I think it’s time to do it again!!

If you’re more into the party idea when it comes to celebrating your race, then you’re in luck. There are so many options for you there, too!

Obviously, if you’re running Wine & Dine – they have an entire party waiting for you. The Post-Race Party happening Sunday night after the race is the perfect place to celebrate – and if you’re running the half marathon – you get a ticket for FREE!

For other race weekends, have you considered one of the Firework Viewing Parties? There are SO many fun ones to choose from!

I hope this helps you come up with some cool ideas to celebrate… because you definitely deserve it! I’d love to see and hear what you decided to do…