Hotel Tips for Traveling With Kids

For family vacations, weddings, and road trips, more often than not, families will be traveling with their kids. And although this sounds like a great time, it can also mean some extra responsibility within areas you might not have thought about. A common issue that parents face when traveling with their kids is how they should not only govern but also protect their children while staying at a hotel. Here are some of the best tips for families traveling with kids, before and during your stay.

How to Accommodate Everyone

Most hotel rooms have either one or two large beds. Of course, kids are constantly moving, so sharing a bed is out of the question. It should be noted that this does not mean to go book the suite with four rooms. Most families on the road are on a limited budget. Therefore, you should research your chosen hotels ahead of time. This is because most larger chain hotels offer rollaway beds or adjoining rooms. If these are not available, try asking about rooms with sofas in them. Some convert into sofa beds to create another space for the kids.

Watch Your Kids Near the Pool

When kids are traveling anywhere new that is not within their city, they tend to get a little excited about wanting to try everything — especially the hotel pool. There is nothing wrong with taking the kids to the pool, but there are some things you need to keep an eye out for before leaving your room. Without adult supervision near the pool, kids can potentially sustain many injuries while swimming at a hotel. Therefore, some precautions must be taken. The first thing is that children must be taught to ask before going into the pool first. After that, you, as the parent, must be actively watching them as most hotels do not have a lifeguard on duty. Instruct your kids also to stay away from other guests and remain within the shallowest part of the hotel pool. Allowing your kids to enjoy the pool is a good thing for the whole family, but, safety, just like everything in life, should be the first priority.

Home Rules

Hotels are an exciting part of a trip for kids and, let’s face it, for adults too. However, kids might see this as a free-for-all, a place where rules don’t matter as much because it’s not their house. This can be very dangerous as they may easily go into areas that post a risk to their safety or even trust the adults a little too much. Therefore, on the drive to the hotel, always make sure to inform your children that house rules apply for the hotel as well. This means not opening the door for strangers, running in the hallway, or throwing things around the room, nor being over rambunctious and loud.

Traveling with your children can make wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. Although it can be fun, remember that safety, your budget, and the overall experience should be your number one priority.