Guest Post: Why I Use A Travel Agent

I’m not a fan of stress. Who really is? These days there is so much to stress about, why keep one more thing on your plate when you don’t have to?

This is why when it comes to booking my Disney Racecations, I book with a travel agent.

I ran my first RunDisney event in 2017, but by the time I ran the Avengers 5K and 10K, I was already booked for my first half marathon with a travel agent. Being new to the RunDisney world, I was in a Facebook group that talked about how fast races sold out and how quick you had to be to register.

Buried in the posts were horror stories about spouses who were registered, but the other wasn’t; friends who were supposed to run the 5K together, but it sold out. All of this was added to the anxiety of running my first half marathon, until I saw that you could book with a travel agent.

My favorite part of booking with a travel agent? I could book it before general registration and the AP and DVC advanced registration went on sale.