Activities You Must Do During Your Lake House Vacation

Few vacation ideas are as fun as renting a lakeside house for your next getaway. Lakes offer a variety of activities for the whole family. Here are just a few activities your family can enjoy on the water.


Fishing is fun for everyone, and it provides a great way for adults and kids to come together. Fishing can even be a fun way to teach life lessons to children and connect with nature outdoors. As a bonus, it is a versatile activity that’s doable from the house’s dock or the shoreline. Alternately, pack up a boat for the day and spend some time hunting down the perfect spot out on the water. Just remember to check the licensing requirements of the state the lake resides in before you put a worm on the hook and cast it in.

Rent a Boat or Jet Skis

If your lake house does not come with a boat, chances are you can rent one for the duration of your vacation. Boat rental services will be happy to drop off a boat or jet ski at a nearby boat launch. Just remember to keep safety in mind. It’s important to be safe and do all you can to prevent jet ski accidents. Wear life jackets and make sure you have distress flags and working lights. Also, taking boater safety courses, keeping an eye on the weather and having a first-aid kit and signaling devices handy are all essentials to help ensure that you have fun while preventing jet ski accidents and minimizing any safety risks.

Go Kayaking, Canoeing or Paddleboarding

Canoes and kayaks provide great ways to get close to the water and nature with a minimum of noise and fuss. They also give you a great workout as you paddle around the lake. Paddleboards are similar but feature an open board that you stand on rather than an enclosed vessel where you sit. They can take some getting used to, but the learning process is fun, and the end result is a great way to spend some peaceful time on the water. Rentals are commonly available near most destination lakes.

A lake vacation has a bit of something for everyone. A good travel agency like Park and Preston can help ensure that your vacation is set up with everything you need, such as taking care of the house rental and the boat or paddle board rentals. With activities that range from zipping around the water to peaceful paddling, a lake vacation should be next on your list.

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