Activities You Can Do in Florida After Your Disney World Trip

If you’ve decided to come to Florida to visit Disney World, you’re already most likely familiar with the joys that particular park can provide! With over 40 acres of entertainment, a single day is insufficient to be able to enjoy it all! But, if you have other days to spend, Florida has a plethora of other enjoyments which are great fun, regardless of your age or capabilities! Here are some of the enjoyments you can have after your Disney fun is done.

Play Golf

Regardless of where you stay in Florida, you are never far from one of the many golf clubs which dot this region. There are almost 1300 separate courses, leaving Florida ranked first in the nation for golf destinations! Don’t worry if you don’t yet know how to play, or are not yet an expert. There are professionals who can teach you. If, however, you are an expert, you already know of the pro-courses which can challenge any skill level!

Go Swimming

Florida is known for its beautiful beaches, and the ability to snorkel in both everglades and breathtakingly clear waters with coral reefs. You’ll be better at scuba diving if you are good at swimming. However, snorkeling can be enjoyed at any capability to swim! Done in shallow water, small people can even wear life jackets if needed. Florida is mostly beach, with a bit of land in the middle. This means that you have a choice between beautiful island coves with few bystanders, and city beaches with amusements and plenty of adventure and amazing food and drink.

Natural Treasures

Florida is home to many species of wildlife which cannot be seen elsewhere in the US. While some, like glade panthers and key deer, have evolved over time to their distinct variations, there are also thirteen types of whales who swim off of the Keys. Sea turtles breed and hatch off the coast, while dolphins play in the waters. Whether your interest is land mammals, or the alligators in the everglades, there is wildlife for all to discover and enjoy.

Regardless of what brought you to Florida, and how much fun you’ve had at the amusement parks, you have a great deal of excitement in store for your trip! Whether golfing, or swimming is your joy, or whether you want to explore and discover wildlife, there’s always something to do in beautiful, adventurous Florida.

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