4 Cities in Mexico With the Best Private Beaches

The North American country of Mexico offers a number of scenic beaches, but some of the most enjoyable experiences are actually found in some of the more secluded and less well-known areas. Travelers heading south of the border can seek out a few of the more private beaches that offer glorious views and remarkable relaxation.

Mazunte Mazunte is considered one of Mexico’s Pueblo Mágicos, or Magical Towns. Punta Cometa is a small peninsula extending into the Pacific Ocean and offers some of the most gorgeous views possible. Mazunte Beach is essentially split into two areas, and Mermejita Beach is a much quieter and more peaceful area that allows visitors to relax off the beaten path since there is not much in the way of dining or shopping. Travelers interested in swimming at beaches in Mazunte should be aware that the waves in this area can often be immense and the currents are very strong. Make sure lifeguards are present or do not partake in especially risky activities.

Playa San Agustin Just south of Puerto Escondido, you can find an immaculate mile-long stretch of beach on Playa San Agustin on the coast of Oaxaca. The area also several incredible seafood restaurants. You will have to travel along a large stretch of dirt road to get to Playa San Agustin, but the water here is crystal clear and there are not typically large crowds on these beaches.

Puerto Vallarta There are beautiful beaches just north of Puerto Vallarta as well as excellent real estate. Garza Blanca Beach offers sand and ocean settings and incredible relaxation while Playa Garza Blanca has gentle waves. Conchas Chinas Beach, Los Muertos Beach, and Boca de Tomatlan are also extremely beautiful settings. You may have to traverse over some rocks in certain cases and deal with dirt roads in others, but the reward for the efforts can be some of the most calming and serene walks possible.

Playa del Caballo Playa del Caballo is one beach with remarkable palm trees and ideal surf conditions. This beach is just before the much more popular Playa las Animas, which has plenty of bars and restaurants that appeal to most tourists.

The beaches listed above are only a few of the many possible places you can visit in Mexico, but they provide some of the most inviting settings available in the country.

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