3 Tips for Traveling with Family in Florida

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Sailing in Jacksonville. The Chocolate Museum and Cafe. These count as just some of the reasons why people love to vacation in Florida with their kids. It has something for everyone: No matter how old or how young the people are in your travel group, there is little chance anyone in your broad will be bored. However, because there is so much family-friendly stuff to do. In light of that, you’ll want to keep the following three tips in mind as you plan. Adhering to this advice can help you make the most of your vacation in Florida.

Plan for the Weather

While the Florida weather usually winds up being warm, a well-planned vacation includes a plan for the weather. When planning your vacation, it’s best to know what types of weather your destination typically has. For example, according to Tortuga, humidity in subtropical Florida is highest from June to September, and going to northern Florida in the winter can get chilly, so you’ll want to pack your clothes accordingly! This allows you to make the right decisions about what clothing to pack and what to leave behind and saves space in your bag for other items.

Explore Your Options for Getting Around

When it comes to getting around in Florida, you can rent a car or get an Uber or Lyft. If you’re traveling with more than one driver, you’ll want to check to see if there are additional fees involved in your car rental. According to Budget, having additional drivers when renting a car might (but does not always) result in having to pay an additional fee. When in doubt, ask. Additionally, many cities in Florida also offer some “carless” options, like bike share programs as well as public transit. If you know you’re going to remain in the city where you have ready access to these programs, these transportation options might be the way to go.

Choose a Variety of Activities

Many people immediately think of Disney World when they think of Florida. However, the best Florida vacations include more than theme parks, (though these are definitely worth seeing). Florida is home to dolphin sunset cruises, crab island, parasailing and kayaking, a variety of museums and more. These kinds of experiences get everyone in your broad out of their comfort zone, which develops new skills and new world perspectives.

Florida vacations mean time spent at Disney World, fun in the sun, and even a taste of chocolate – the best vacations, anyway. Using the tips in this article allows you to really focus your planning efforts on the things that matter, which allows you to make better decisions for all involved. These tips also help you find activities that everyone in your group will love from the youngest toddler to the most senior members.