3 Best States to Visit If You Love Cycling

Bicycling continues to become more and more popular, and it will do so as long as people are interested in keeping fit and exploring the world around them. There are so many places to see while biking your way through life, and each state has its own biking pluses. Here are some great vacation destinations where you can experience some of the best cycling.


The lush scenery and wide-open spaces are part of what accounts for the influx of cyclists popping up in Washington. Already a destination for those who love the outdoors, Washington is one of the most beautiful and most chosen by bicyclists to pedal their way around.

Bainbridge Island tops many lists of best bike trails in Washington with over 30 miles of a looping trail on the island alone. Washington State is so into cycling that they have instituted the US Bicycle Route System with biking routes of all difficulties as well as on- and off-road trails. USBR 87 and USBR 95 are just two of the state bike routes from the Canadian border down to different areas of the state.


Even though there are many lovely sights to see while cycling in Florida, some areas are not for the faint of heart. The beaches in Florida can be breathtaking and fun to bike near in areas with beach walks. However, be careful when riding your bike in Florida. According to Lavent Law, there are an average of 18 traffic accidents involving bicycles each day in Florida. There is an almost continuous trail that alternately meanders and speeds around the Florida Keys. You need to be on your toes, but many find it worth it.


Cycling in California can often double as raising money for charity. Tooling along the deserted Turri Road and the rolling farmland of the Central Coast can quickly become a mad peddle-fest for Amgen or Wounded Warrior Project cyclists. The wine country locales of Paso Robles and Solvang, as well as the iconic Hwy 1 past Hearst’s Castle, are some of California’s best spots for biking. Beware of cars on Coast Highway, though, as with other areas where there are not always bike lanes. Beach cities abound and according to California Beaches, you can find them up and down the coast with trails perfect for cycling.

Fewer ways offer the excitement to see the US up close than bicycling. You’re able to see many sights at your own pace while getting physical exercise. Take a short ride, a day trip or an extended vacation perched on your bicycle seat, and you will appreciate one of life’s simplest joys.