3 Best Southern US National Parks to Visit If You Love Nature

With the busy summer travel season underway, millions of visitors are gearing up to discover the wonders of the US national park system. The southern region of the nation is flush with amazing national parks just waiting to be explored. With so many options to choose from, it can be challenging to narrow down your options. Here are three national parks to consider if you want to get up close and personal with Mother Nature while traveling through the southern US.

Big Cypress

Located in Florida’s idyllic southwest region, the Big Cypress National Preserve protects over 729,000 acres of swampland. Visitors to Big Cypress will delight in exploring the miles of cypress and mangrove trees in an incredibly diverse landscape. Wildlife enthusiasts will appreciate the opportunity to view native alligators and maybe even the Florida panther. Eight campgrounds provide the opportunity to stay overnight and to immerse yourself in this oasis. Visitors can explore the preserve via canoe or kayak, on foot, or in an off-road vehicle.

Smoky Mountains

With a wonderfully diverse ecology of wildlife, the Smoky Mountains are the place to be if you truly wish to experience the majesty of mother nature, according to Smoky Mountains By Owners. Because of the many cities around it, it is easy to access this national park from a variety of locations in North Carolina and Tennessee. The Smoky Mountains are famous for their cascading waterfalls, historic structures scattered throughout the park, and diverse wildlife. While visiting the region, you may run into turkeys, black bears, coyotes, raccoons, and more. Hikers will love the wide network of trails that traverse the park. The most popular destination hikes to consider include Charlies Bunion, Andrews Bald, Rainbow Falls, and Chimney Top.

Mammoth Cave

According to Kentucky Tourism, this Kentucky gem features the longest known cave system in the world. Nestled in the hills of south central Kentucky, Mammoth Cave National Park is an ideal destination for adventurers. With more than 400 miles of mapped-out and explored passages, it is easy to get out and to discover the area for yourself. Visitors can also choose to participate in one of the many guided cave tours. Popular subterranean attractions include the Rotunda Room and the Frozen Niagara dripstones.

From rugged mountain terrain to unique geological wonders to stunning marine ecosystems, the national parks of the southern US offer something for everything. The only thing left to do is to get out there and explore!

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